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2021- Here we come!

“New year, new you!” Such a motivating, but also extremely scary undertaking! This is the time of shaking off the rough 2020, resolutions, and looking with hope to the future. I have a generally positive perspective on life, so my difficulty is taking time to reflect and give negative emotions the space they need to be processed (similar to how Joy kept trying to stop Sadness from coming out in the animated movie Inside Out). So let’s take a minute to do that…

2020… a year filled with loss for so many families. From financial struggles to marital issues… to arranging funerals for loved ones in the midst of an already chaotic world. My heart goes out to those who have suffered so deeply. Not only do we have these situations that have come up in our personal lives, but we also have a pandemic that is 100% outside of our control. Coronavirus. Covid-19. “The ‘rona”. This has impacted us in so many ways. While I’m thankful for programs that have been put in place to help us out, there are still so many pieces that are falling through the cracks. Maybe you’re aware of something like that for yourself? When our basic needs are not met, when we no longer have safety and security, our mental health suffers. There is a direct connection between physical and emotional elements, and we are seeing the results of that connection. Has anyone else noticed negativity in the air in public? It’s like the masks are allowing the villainous sides of some people to come out. I’ve heard rude comments. People refrain from saying “excuse me” when passing in aisles. There’s a weird silence when shopping that has lingered. The question is… is this temporary? How are we allowing this to shape our perspectives and relationships?

We must take the time to process the trauma from the previous year. Really, so many situations are trauma including unexpected job loss, untimely death, and stay-at-home orders. We have to feel our pain from it, but after that grief, we must shake it off much like prey who has successfully escaped a predator. Soon, it will be time for us to decide what we want to carry forward. It will be a time of honest reflection and healing. During a training, Lois Ehrmann stated, “Parts are not right or wrong in nature. Self-awareness is not the absence of parts. It is the awareness of parts.” She was referring to how if we take the time to look inside ourselves, we will see that there are often parts of us that we like and others that baffle us. We have to respect that they are there for a reason. If we identify a characteristic that we don’t want to carry forward, that’s when our self-awareness can help. We also must realize though that we’re human. We can’t be perfect, no matter how hard we try. We can be self-aware while also having these parts of ourselves that we might dislike. We only need to be aware that they exist, and sometimes it’s about understanding why they exist.

Let’s take 2021 and make it a time to heal. Shed hatred. Grow love. Spread understanding. Trample intolerance. A new path lies ahead. We can continue our patterns or choose a new, sometimes scary, road. If you want help through that process, Anchoring Hope is here to listen. We believe you are the expert on your own life; we are simply here to help walk with you toward goals you want. We can provide teletherapy across Virginia or in-person sessions in Wise, VA. If you struggle with anxiety, check out our 5-part series HERE. Again, we wish you good vibes on your journey.

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