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Our Journey Into Insurance

We have exciting news! On the administrative and billing side, there have been longstanding issues with utilizing clients’ insurance benefits. Navigating the insurance world has been feared by many therapists because of these issues as it seemed to be more easily accessible for larger companies or private practices. In truly an amazing fashion regarding timing, we were contacted by a company that is removing the majority of those issues!

Beginning July 15th, 2021, we will be able to accept Optum insurances- Oscar Health, Oxford, and United Healthcare! Beginning November 2021, Anthem BCBS will follow along with other commercial insurances as the year progresses. We are so excited for the partnership allowing this to happen!

As a client, there will still be a few concerns each person must weigh for themselves. Please be aware that although your insurance may cover services, you may have a deductible to reach before those kick in. Also, be aware that insurance has to have a billable diagnosis code to cover your services, which becomes a part of your medical record.

We appreciate full transparency and want people to know what we know. Hopefully this information is helpful to you, and we appreciate any referrals sent our way!

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