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Stressed Out Ladies?

I have been diligently working on the lovely subject of STRESS. When we hear the word stress, our shoulders slump, our backbones sag, and our heart sinks all because the weight of such a topic is so… heavy.

What does stress look like? Well, besides chronically experiencing the physical features above, there is a multitude of thoughts that go along with it…

If only I had enough time to get everything done.

I never feel good enough.

I try to take breaks, but I STILL think about ______ (fill in the blank with that task that never seems to end for you).

I can’t enjoy time with my family because I focus on what I SHOULD be doing.

I’m sure you could add many more- feel free in the comments section! Since recognizing this is a problem for many of my clients and working with them to make shifts in a direction that fuels their soul rather than drain it, I’ve decided to build an opportunity & community.

My mission statement is that I empower burnt out women to kick stress to the curb while feeling on top of things, so they can have more time for themselves and loved ones… without to do list, being more productive, or quitting their jobs.

If you resonate with feeling stressed, burnt out, or more done than crispy bacon, you can join our growing Facebook group HERE 100% free. There, we share powerful trainings and host regular Q&As to overcome work impeding on your personal life, others take advantage of you and sleeping like crap, so you can have calm within your body, peace within your mind, and truly relax.

If you’re thinking, “Screw the group. Sign me UP! I’m ready to feel happy, secure, AND connected.” Schedule a free discovery call with me by clicking “BOOK NOW” below to get results fast. We will work together to find out where you want to be, what’s keeping you stuck where you are, and how to move forward. If there are no appointment times available, please reach out to us HERE.

Published by Anchoring Hope

We are a small collective of counselors dedicated to distributing helpful, relatable content directly to your device! We also provide counseling services to those in Virginia & an anxiety training that can be accessed around the globe!

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