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What In The World Of AHC?!

Long time, no see fellow blog followers! Here at AHC, things have been a bit of a whirlwind this year, but it is all in the spirit of serving our community, and Virginia, better!

Since beginning this practice in 2020, things have changed quite a bit…

From renting one office in the back of a real estate agency to buying the building with three offices that are now filled with amazing ladies ready to help you, we are blessed to be a part of your journey.

I’d like to share a little about the journey and our history, if that sort of thing interests you, so here we go!

I originally began needing help with cases here and there, and my friend, Jennifer Davis, who is now available in a very limited capacity due to a promotion at her full-time job, was able to help every now and then. We shared my little office in the back of the building.

Last year, I began accepting some commercial insurances. After that, my caseload blew up, and I quickly realized I needed help. I met Shannon, who is working toward her licensure and began full-time at AHC in March of 2022! Read more about Shannon here!

During that same time frame, we bought the building as we desperately needed more space and moved into the entire office in March this year.

I needed additional help with insurance-based work as we cannot bill insurance prior to being licensed, which is when I met Katie. She was moving to our area and was looking to take a step toward her dreams. Fortunately, she chose to work with us and began full-time on July 1st, 2022! Read more about Katie here!

I had not anticipated the amount of additional work expanding would create, so I am reducing my caseload to accomodate for the shift in responsibilities and moving toward some consulting work. Read more about Stephanie here!

Now, here we are, ready to help out when you are ready. As you all know from my previous blogs, we can see clients across the state of Virginia via telehealth or in-person if you want to drive to good ole Wise, VA! You can reach me directly at 276-298-5034 or

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am providing consulting services to women who want to get out of the rat race and have forgotten how to, trapped in survival mode, but knowing there is something more to life than being a human to-do list. If that resonates with you, check out our Facebook group at

Thank you for your support! ❤


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We are a small collective of counselors dedicated to distributing helpful, relatable content directly to your device! We also provide counseling services to those in Virginia & an anxiety training that can be accessed around the globe!

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