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I Imagine It’s Tough Being A Man

My son let me in on a conversation he had with some friends about how they think it’s harder being a male teenager because of society’s expectations around what it means to be male, specifically around the pressures to be the one to ask a girl to a dance.

I’m not writing this to say it is definitively tougher to be one gender, or any gender, over another. I’m not writing to point out all the ways it’s more difficult to be female. I AM writing this to acknowledge that being anyone with certain societal expectations carries a set of unique struggles and fears depending upon those expectations. Fellas, I acknowledge your struggle.

I want to share a post I ran across today on ways we can support the men in our lives, as I find myself surrounded by them in my home with a husband and two boys. I’m sure you will run across someone in this category, so I hope these are tips you take to heart…

I know this list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a start. We are all just a bunch of imperfect humans running around. I hope you will join me in supporting men who seek mental health treatment.

Men, contrary to some messages you may have received, asking for help is true strength. Admitting you have flaws is pure honesty. Being open to growth through dealing with the fears you bury deep down is real courage.

You can be soft. You can smile genuinely. You can let down your walls and be you. You weren’t meant to fit in a box; no one is, even though others try to make us all the time. Just, be you in your purest form.

If you’re in Virginia, give us a call at 276-298-5034. We’d love the chance to join you on your journey to finding you. ❤


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