In The Stillness…

I’ve been thinking alot about being still. I have an image in my head of what that looks like, so here it is (read more below): Absolutely beautiful picture, right? Yes! Realistic for us every day folks? No. My life is surrounded by running a business by day and running away from a 17 monthContinue reading “In The Stillness…”

Talking to Your Child about Healthy Boundaries

Guest Blog Post by Rand Batarseh with Setting healthy personal boundaries, as well as being able to identify and respect those of others, is critical for developing healthy relationships. It is critical to instill healthy boundaries in children at a young age. It will be easier for them to manage good relationships as adultsContinue reading “Talking to Your Child about Healthy Boundaries”

Attention People Pleasers

“Today, I’ll share a few ways in which people pleasing may present and then discuss some methods to become a little more balanced while remaining nice, setting appropriate boundaries, and understanding deeper meanings behind our behaviors.”

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Teenage Drinking and Sex

“…alcohol use is unsafe for teens and the adolescent brain.”

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