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The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health 

Author: Shaylan Gross Social media has undoubtedly become a prevalent part of our everyday lives. From Twitter, to  Snapchat, to Facebook and Instagram, there are multiple options for social media that can be  accessed by anyone. However, while these platforms can be used for communication and  connection, the design and purpose of social media platforms…

Stalking Behavior To Watch For

**DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TRIGGER WARNING** I’ve been watching the docuseries “I Am A Stalker” on Netflix, which led to thoughts about consent within conversations in relationships. There is a common behavior that kept coming up within the relationships and that is that the “stalkers” would get upset when their victims would not engage in conversation with…

I Imagine It’s Tough Being A Man

My son let me in on a conversation he had with some friends about how they think it’s harder being a male teenager because of society’s expectations around what it means to be male, specifically around the pressures to be the one to ask a girl to a dance. I’m not writing this to say…


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Hello! I’m Stephanie Strouth, Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia and owner of Anchoring Hope! We provide counseling across the state of Virginia via telehealth as well as in-person counseling services within southwest Virginia.

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