Draw the Line/Respect the Line

Draw the Line/Respect the Line is an evidence-based sex education program for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students that focuses on developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills so that teens can set sexual limits. The primary message that participants receive from the program is that postponing sexual activity during adolescence is the healthiest choice. Program sessions encourage participants to discuss social and peer pressures to have sex, show how to set limits and respect the limits of others, build refusal skills, and enhance skills to avoid risky situations.

Sixth grade lessons focus on identifying and establishing personal limits (“drawing the line”), responding to peer pressure, and respecting other people’s boundaries. Students learn a 4-step refusal process and then practice that process in a number of role plays. Sixth graders have two short homework assignments that involve interviewing a grown up at home. Students think about their personal limits by identifying healthy and unhealthy behaviors.

Seventh grade lessons center around stories of couples facing relationship pressure, establishing and maintaining personal limits, practicing refusal skills in romantic situations, the impact of life choices, and information about preventing the transmission of STDs. Alcohol use and consent are also included. Students have two short homework assignments, one of which is a family activity.

Eighth grade lessons focus primarily on HIV/AIDS prevention, pregnancy prevention and methods of protection. Students learn factual, medical information about HIV/AIDS, and also consider the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS. A broad overview of contraception is provided. Students learn about establishing and maintaining personal limits, practice refusal skills in romantic situations, and consider the impact of life choices.

All three grades have short “homework” assignments that encourage students to talk to their parents/caregivers about the lessons.

In a school-based setting, the sixth grade program consists of five 45 minute lessons, while the seventh and eight grade programs contain seven 45 minute lessons.

Anchoring Hope is partnering with SexEdVA to bring this educational information to you for FREE! Check out their website here.

Prefer an online version with a parent module also? Students can complete DTL at home — plus an accompanying module to help parents and caregivers feel more confident talking to their teens about sexual health. Check that out here!

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