Attention People Pleasers

“Today, I’ll share a few ways in which people pleasing may present and then discuss some methods to become a little more balanced while remaining nice, setting appropriate boundaries, and understanding deeper meanings behind our behaviors.”

Our Journey Into Insurance

We have exciting news! On the administrative and billing side, there have been longstanding issues with utilizing clients’ insurance benefits. Navigating the insurance world has been feared by many therapists because of these issues as it seemed to be more easily accessible for larger companies or private practices. In truly an amazing fashion regarding timing,Continue reading “Our Journey Into Insurance”

30, Flirty, and Thriving?

“Holding onto resentment is like taking the knife you were stabbed with, leaving it in the wound, and slowly twisting the knife.”

What’s on my desk

Honestly, my desk is my lap. My computer is portable. Everything must be easily moved to a computer bag for transport as I’m constantly shifting from working at home to working in the office! A few key items that I carry with me include my computer, a wireless mouse, a notebook where I scribble randomContinue reading “What’s on my desk”

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