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The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health 

Author: Shaylan Gross Social media has undoubtedly become a prevalent part of our everyday lives. From Twitter, to  Snapchat, to Facebook and Instagram, there are multiple options for social media that can be  accessed by anyone. However, while these platforms can be used for communication and  connection, the design and purpose of social media platformsContinue reading “The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health “

Talking to Your Child about Healthy Boundaries

Guest Blog Post by Rand Batarseh with Setting healthy personal boundaries, as well as being able to identify and respect those of others, is critical for developing healthy relationships. It is critical to instill healthy boundaries in children at a young age. It will be easier for them to manage good relationships as adultsContinue reading “Talking to Your Child about Healthy Boundaries”

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Teenage Drinking and Sex

“…alcohol use is unsafe for teens and the adolescent brain.”

5 Steps Toward Digital Safety for the Adolescents in Your Life

As helpful as they are, smartphones can also be dangerous to kids. Here are some ways you can protect your child from inappropriate content and cyberbullying. 

30, Flirty, and Thriving?

“Holding onto resentment is like taking the knife you were stabbed with, leaving it in the wound, and slowly twisting the knife.”

“Talking to Your Teenager About Sex: Being an Askable Parent” Guest Blog Post!

This blog post was contributed by Katie Mitchell of SexEdVA, a division of James Madison University working to support sexual health education, family life programming, and positive youth development across Virginia. To inquire about partnering with them or to find out more, visit or email them at