Video Series: Anxiety

Anxiety’s Many Manifestations

A 5-Part Video Series Answering the “Why” Behind Anxiety.

Answer All Your Questions About Anxiety

Can’t afford counseling? Wondering if you have anxiety issues? This 5 part video series on anxiety will answer numerous questions about types of anxiety, how the brain plays a role in amygdala and cortex-based anxiety, anxiety with co-occurring depression, and how different medications can help or hurt the therapy process. If you find yourself needing to know WHY, this series is for you! 

Therapists may suggest exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or other types of interventions, some of which you can do on your own! This series will discuss several skills you can learn, AND it will cover why these simple shifts can be so impactful! Please be aware that many interventions are advised to do with the assistance of a counselor- this course will give you the information you need for that next step! We do provide teletherapy across the state of Virginia and in-person in southwest Virginia. Please see our website at for additional information.

Get The Entire Series Or Go One Module At A Time

This is a 5-Part Video Series. You can either get the entire series (above) or check out the individual modules (below). Whichever route you choose, we want you to have the tools and knowledge you need to work through your own Anxiety.

Generate Motivation & Increase Self-Awareness

These videos are a great tool in learning the “why” behind certain strategies for anxiety and depression that counselors may recommend. Answering the “why” helps us generate motivation and increase self-awareness! 

Module 1: Anxiety’s Many Manifestations
Module 2: Amygdala-Based Anxiety
Module 3: Cortex-Based Anxiety

Module 4: Anxiety & Depression
Module 5: Anxiety Medications
The Whole Series

Start Exploring Anxiety Today

Start the 5-Part Video Series and explore the WHY behind Anxiety!

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